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    May 28, 2016
    Hello again, i want to ask you some questions related with gPsP (Retroarch). The problem is that the games are still crashing at random moment. Tried multiple versions/builds (nightlies included), but i noticed that the problem is not the version. On retroarch forum they told me that is a Dynarec problem that runs on the core. If you disable it, it won't crash anymore but the game framerate it's unplayable. So i decided to install it on homebrew, but the game is also unplayable. I know that some people made it run smoothly on some 3DS (source: YouTube) via 3dsx (homebrew).
    Here is the point i have the EmuNAND on 11.0.0-33U Luma 3DS 5.5 cfw, (updated from 9.2 after installing Luma). The Emu version has something to do with the games running slow on Homebrew? I just remember that at some point after the format and installation proccess, i was able to run for example Pokémon Leaf Green with full speed via homebrew. So it's just to confirm before doing something stupid. The Emu version could have something to do with that or could be another thing? Thanks in advance.