Retroarch 1.7.7 released

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    Retroarch, the popular cross-platform emulation front end receives yet another update!
    Fairly recently Libretro released version 1.7.7 of Retroarch, this time bringing a massive update, and introducing support for UWP/Xbox One, though this is still a pre-release or alpha. Bugs and crashes might occur frequently.
    Aside from the typical bugifxes, Retroarch now includes legacy OpenGL 1.1 driver support, regardless of your GPU's feature set. This in turn solves a lot of performance and rendering issues and bugs, especially on Intel GPU's running on Windows 10 (as Intel is known not to provide OpenGL drivers for its old GPUs). However, this was achieved at a cost: no more shader support nor being able to run libretro cores that primarely target OpenGL 2.x and ES2 if running on the legacy driver.
    One of the other notable changes worth mentioning is the new OpenGL universal shader slang support.
    Up until now shaders such as Cg and GLSL were impossible to be used on any other video backend other than Vulkan, but thanks to the re-worked shader system and the newly made OpenGL 3.2 driver, it is posible to switch easily without hassle between video backends and shader presets. In a nutshell, this made it possible for OpenGL to use the same shaders as Vulkan/Direct3D 10/11/2. Here's the list of the following video drivers that support this feature:
    • OpenGL (Core – requires 3.2 or higher)
    • Vulkan
    • Metal
    • Direct 3D 10/11/12
    • Wii U
    Additionally, an experimental core has been released: Reicast WnCE.
    Windows CE was a way to let developers easily port their PC games to Dreamcast and even run a cut-down version of Win32 on low-powered machines.
    As usual the release is available to download for all platforms, including the Switch!
    You can read the full changelog below:
    1.7.7 Full Changelog

    You can read this tutorial on how to set it up on your Xbox, as well as this one if you desire to learn more about Reicast WinCE and its features.

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