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    Regarding to the old release "Retrix Silver".. the new stable, advanced version is here...

    RetriX Gold (

    Compatible with:

    • XBOX 1
    • Windows 10 (x64, x86, ARM)
    • Surface
    • Lumia 950/XL (Older devices expected to work)
    • Other Devices supports UWP Applications
    What's New?


    Cores List
    • Add version number for each core (Very important for future usage)
    Cores Update
    • You can update the current cores from local (.dll) files
    • Now I can release updates for the cores only and this will reduce the amount of Retrix updates
    Touch Gamepad Buttons
    • Customize buttons positions (individually) now possible for each console
    Auto Save
    • Auto save settings moved to saves menu at the top-left
    Sound Effects
    • change "success" notification to a lighter sound effect
    • FBNeo games databases updated


    Because of an issue related to the controller
    In this release.. when you start any PSX game you have to choose if you want to include the Analog control or not.
    It's completely based on your game requirements

    The issue
    Some games was not detect the controller at all when the analog control included

    • Added: Layout -> Show/Hide L2 R2 Touch Buttons
    • Added: 1X, 2X Touch Buttons:
      • 1X: R1+L1
      • 2X: R2+L2
    • If XBox menu appeared the game will automatically paused
    • The Game will resume after closing the menu
    • Fix PSX (Old) + AnyCore open counter
    • Fix Actions Feature accuracy

    Release + XBox Special Enhancements


    • XBox/Gamepad Controls can be customized for each console as you like
    • XBox Menu (Fast & short way to save/pause/stop.. and more)
    • Show XBox Menu [Press Down + [Select/View])
    • Quick Save Beta (Press Left + [Select/View])
    • Show Saves List (Press Right + [Select/View])
    XBox Menu.png

    More Features

    • Touch pad can be customized for each console
    • Add CD Support option for Any Core
    • Compatibility list view: will show the skipped cores due compatibility issues
    • Reset AnyCore: You can delete all AnyCore files from the Settings Page
    • PSX (Old) Core re-added along with the new one (it might work if the new one fail with some games)
    • Now you can show/hide "Actions Keys" alone, no longer linked with Save/Load/Mute keys
    • Gameplay menu name changed to "Layout"
    • Show/Hide Special Keys moved to "Layout" menu
    • Show/Hide Actions Keys moved to "Layout" menu


    • Fix Sega CD Console name in BIOS page (it was appear as SG-1000 by mistake)
    • Fix app was crash if the user hold on empty list
    • Fix PSX was not detect Gamepad in some games

    Any Core
    • Now you can import multiple cores
    • All cores imported by Any Core feature can be full customized
    • You can use BIOS map to inform the system about the required BIOS files for the related core
    • Pinned mode: the core will be moved to the top

    Touch Controls

    • Now you can fully customize the controls (Scale, Position)
    • Customization will be saved until the user choose to reset

    Compatibility Detector (Beta)
    • If any core was not Compatible and caused any crash, will be skipped in the next start
    • If you lost/missed some cores try to reset the app data

    Save State
    • Clean all saves option now available in the slots menu

    • Fix blank snapshot on stop
    • Fix audio level after mute
    • Fix images caching issue
    • Move Arcade console to the top
    Important Fix
    • Fix the most important issue in the app, the issue was causing crash each few minutes
    • Other Fixes related to the performance
    • Tested for over 30 minute with auto save each 1 minute without any problem
    Games List
    • New Layout, the list is more advanced
    • You can use search to find your game
    • You can manage the recent games list like delete one game from the recent list
    • A snapshot will be taken from the game once you stop playing
    • Cartridges Icons for most consoles
    Save Engine
    • New save engine
    • New list view will show the saves with screenshot
    • You can use 1-10 save slots (Managed by user)
    • Quick save now will save upto another 10 slots will be overwritten with the older (Managed by Retrix)
    • Auto save now will save upto another 15 slot will be overwritten with the older (Managed by Retrix)
    • All results will be sorted by the latest save

    • Finally audio buffer performance issue fixed
    • Delay Frames feature: will solve some performance issue
    • Audio Buffer Counter, helpful for monitoring the performance

    Mixed Content
    • Now if you select games folder and the folder was contain many .zip games
    • Retrix will show only the supported games

    App Layout
    • Enhanced Layouts
    • More responsive than before

    • Total time played will appear near to the game
    • Overall time played will appear under the recent list

    Action Buttons
    • Action buttons can be used now for quick save/load

    • Add new option for audio levels (High Level)
    • Add audio effects (Echo, Reverb)
    • Mute audio can increase the performance

    Sega VirtualPad
    • Show / Hide XYZ can be set now from the Layout menu

    • Added: Video only option (stop the audio)

    • Fix Internal timers bugs
    • Fix Sega consoles BIOS files conflict
    • Fix FPS results
    • Resolve cursor direction when rotate the screen (Right / Left)

    Known Issues
    • AS PER
    • Auto save could cause crash in some cases.
    • Atari Lynx requires "zipped" roms on ARM (only)
    New Consoles
    • SEGA Saturn (Beta) (Desktop / Mobile)
    • Nintendo N64 (Beta) (Desktop / Mobile)
    • New NDS Emulation Core
    • Atari Lynx
    • Atari Jaguar (Beta) [Not fully stable, Game-pad controls not tested yet]
    • Vectrex
    • Virtual Boy
    • NES (Nestopia Engine)

    Consoles Cores
    Emulation Cores updated to the latest with new advanced options

    In-Game Options
    You can now update the emulation core options while playing
    Core Options: Save your customized core options as default values

    BIOS Files
    • Optional BIOS : (Extra Optional Bios Files can be used with some emulators)
    • Enhanced Page: Now the BIOS page looks better and more detailed , You can also filter the list by console name to get the exact files
    • Verification for Arcade, NeoGeo BIOS disabled because it's very hard to find them, some BIOS files online working you can now try these files

    Auto-save each custom time ( 15, 30, 60, 90 Second ) + on stop

    Nintendo DS
    Now working without BIOS (You can still use optional BIOS)
    • Save State: Save state is active and stable
    • Core Options: Extra Core options are available now
    • Left Analog: now linked with the pointer position and it will move the cursor when it's available, tap on the left analog it will emulate the tap action (instead of touch)
    • Touch (Beta): Cursor / Pointer Work with touch as beta testing still need enhancements, not fully accurate but..
    • If you tap on the screen it will emulate the tap action, so you can use Analog to move the cursor and tap on the screen
    • You can choose the relation between the cursor and the analog control from "Core Options"

    Sony PSX
    More Performance Improvement added to PSX, specially for mobile devices

    NeoGeo, Arcade
    • NeoGeo, Arcade, PolyMaster now using the latest emulation core FBNeo (Thanks for FBNeo Team)
    • Smart Filename resolver, whatever your file name is.. Retrix will resolve the name to the original
    • FBNeo SubSystem is active now, subsystem will allow you to run multiple types of games using Arcade console
    • Below list of the subsystems
      • CBS ColecoVision
      • MSX 1
      • NEC PC-Engine - NEC SuperGrafX - NECTurboGrafx-16
      • Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Family Disk System
      • Sega GameGear - Sega Master System - Sega Megadrive - Sega SG-1000
      • SNK Neo Geo Pocket - Neogeo CD
      • ZX Spectrum
    Note 1: The ROM need to be inside zip file, and with custom name find it here
    Visit: Libretro Documentation for more details about the bios files

    Note 2: If Smart Name resolver didn't help, you have to get the name manually
    Note 3: If you are a fan of Arcade games please let me know the correct (sequence + colors ) of the buttons after your try.

    Consoles Icons
    • Consoles Icons Enhanced + More consoles icons added
    • The games will look totally different after install Retrix.
    Retrix Files Icons.png

    Log List
    You can track the emulation logs while playing, very helpful for solving the problems

    Safe Stop
    Now the emulator will stop the game safely to reduce the issues that could appear when you are switching between the consoles

    Auto Save
    The game will be saved to Slot 10 when you stop the game , this option can be enabled from Extras check Auto Save

    • This feature will allow you to import new core directly from the storage
    • The core should be prepared for libretro API with the old VFS functions

    Rotate Game-play
    Rotate game-play screen (Left/Right), very useful for some NDS games

    • Fix SNES controls (Swap between L, R)
    • Fix NDS controls (Swap between L, R)
    • Performance menu name changed to Extras
    • Fix the crash when the game failed to load, now it's more stable than ever
    • Prevent NeoGeo, Arcade, PolyMaster from stop loading the game because of the CRC check
    • Always check the Log List to know what exactly the problem FBNeo Team prepared the core with very detailed log

    Known Issues
    • Zip Files for PC-FX not working always, preferred to load the game unzipped directly from the folder
    • SEGA 32X not working on Mobile, some games might work
    • CCD roms is not working currently for PSX, try to get the ROM in other type like ISO
    • SEGA Saturn currently provide slow performance on Mobile
    • Nintendo 64 Slow performance and not fully stable
    • Arcade, NeoGeo 7z files supported by the core but it might not work for now with Retrix

    Thanks for the original developer of Retrix ALBERTO FUSTINONI
    Special Thank for Libretro as well

    If you are new with Retrix please Visit Here for more details and help

    Downloads (Updated on 6th Feb 2021)
    Windows 10 (x64)
    Windows 10 (x86)
    Windows 10 (ARM / Mobile)

    -> All In one folder <-

    AnyCore Files
    Here collection of libretro cores can be used in Any Core feature
    Click Here

    BIOS Files?
    Maybe this page could help

    Did you know?
    Arcade core can run multiple system
    • CBS ColecoVision
    • MSX 1
    • NEC PC-Engine - NEC SuperGrafX - NECTurboGrafx-16
    • Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Family Disk System
    • Sega GameGear - Sega Master System - Sega Megadrive - Sega SG-1000
    • SNK Neo Geo Pocket - Neogeo CD
    • ZX Spectrum
    Once you select the game (.zip) choose "Yes" when Retrix ask you for smart rename so Retrix can detect the game system.
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    Great to hear but really *NEEDS* Amiga core ;);)
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    New Important Update Retrix Gold , Check the main message at the top (download links updated)
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    Important Fix ( just released, check the main message above (download links updated).
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    Apr 13, 2014
    United States
    Since this is in UWP format can this be installed on a xbox system using dev mode?
  6. Deleted User

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    basically it should work fine, if you have xbox please try to install it and let me know if any problem appeared.
    I'm really interested to see if it's fully supported on xbox.
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    New Release RetriX Gold ( (check main post) minor fix related to the images cache issue
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    New Release RetriX Gold ( (check main post), many important features has been added.

    Update: Release
    came quickly because I added protection layer from crash as the user now able to import new cores,
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    United States
    Wanted to get back to you. Retrix installs and loads up on xbox. Tried pokemon stadium with the n64 section of retrix and it ran super slow. Then tried marvel vs capcom 1 in final burn neo which resulted in a black screen. Then tried the flintstones suprise at dinosuar peak and it ran fine.

    The controls work but there is always a overlay on the screen showing arrow keys and button inputs preventing you from actually playing anything since everytime you press a button, it activates something in the overlay menu at the same time as controlling the game itself.

    This was done using a xbox one s.
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    Thanks for your feedback,

    N64 currently beta and the performance as expected very slow (I'm trying to find any solution for the performance)

    For final burn neo "black screen" reasons:
    • bios not available or not compatible.
    • game doesn't match FBNeo database

    Also: Press on settings Icon -> Extras -> Debug -> Log List
    you will have the exact reason from the log

    My next target after all these updates is Xbox, so I'm going to add customization for Xbox including the overlay issue

    meanwhile if you have any extra customization for (controls, layout) to make it better on Xbox please let me know.

    Your feedback will help me a lot.
    Last edited Jan 27, 2021
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    Release + XBox Special Enhancements Ready to download (check the main post)
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    Retrix Gold Released (Please check the main post).
  13. Latiodile

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    Nov 16, 2015
    why is it called retrix gold if it's free?
  14. Deleted User

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    Hi Latiodile,

    "Retrix Gold" as stable & advanced version of the original app
    "Gold" in the original meaning, not from the commercial perspective

    Maybe we can break the regular meaning about ("Gold" but paid), this is ("Gold" and free).
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    New Update Retrix Gold (Get it from the main post)
  16. Deleted User

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    Retrix Gold Released with "Cores update" option - (Please check the main post)
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