ReSwitched Release Fusee Launcher & bootROM Bug Information

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    After the details of the Tegra X1 bootROM exploit leaked yesterday in the form of a pastebin upload, the Switch scene has been in uproar over just what it means for them. Seeing this, Kate Temkin of ReSwitched took to Twitter to release her writeup of the bug, as well as the Fusee Launcher; the ReSwitched payload launcher for the exploit.

    Within the ReSwitched Discord server, @SciresM also explained the process of the simple hardmod mentioned in Kate's previous FAQ. Affectionately named "bentpinhax", the process is shown below, along with Kate's tweet.


    :arrow: Fusée Gelée FAQ
    :arrow: Fusée Gelée Discussion
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.