Restore Nand Backup - Old Nintendo Folder?

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    Sep 5, 2019
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    Hello all,

    I apologize if this has been answered, i searched and couldnt find anything.

    I restored my nand backup successfully, but my switch had my create a new nintendo folder on the root of the SD. I tried simply using my backup, but it wouldnt let me.

    So i proceeded, made a new one and moved everything from my backup to the new.

    However, i dont see any of my games installed. I assume i have to fix the "link/shortcut" from the homescreen to where they are located in the nintendo folder. I just have no idea how to do this.

    Does this make sense? Is it possible? I'd really like to try and avoid redownloading everything.

    - Tim
  2. Onianchee
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    Sep 7, 2019
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    If you restored a NAND backup of before those games were installed, then you have to reinstall those games.
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