Resident Evil 4 HD Project, Take Two vs Everyone, PlayStation Gamepass & more - Tempcast #67

In this week's episode we have RyRyIV chime in to discuss his love for Resident Evil 4 and why it's practically the best game ever made, even better than his personal favorite Resident Evil 5. While dedicated modders bring the game back to life in HD with an upcoming mod pack, Take Two is issuing trademark violations to seemingly everyone who uses the words Take Two, including the indie game "It Takes Two", which is something we talk about in poor legal detail as well. We also talk about new rumors surrounding Sony planning to create a rival to Xbox's Gamepass, allegedly titled "Spartacus". Join us on this week's four-manned thrilling episode of the Tempcast!

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Jun 23, 2016
Also it warms my heart to hear talk about TF2. I truly love that game. I used to play it almost obsessively. And always on community servers (which was great because you got this laid-back casual jumping in and out of matches as you felt, just having fun). And then, as mentioned, they started streamlining it killing much of the community servers (and adding annoying "ranking" and match coordination with music, animations and whatnot, clearly an overreaction to the release of Overwatch).

But I highly recommend the Reply All episode 178, "I Am Not a Bot" which covers a lot around the bot problem, including interviews with some of the people responsible (to various degree). Weirdly it seems many of them really like TF2 and wants Valve to stop them.
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