1. Waflix

    OP Waflix El Psy Congroo

    Dec 17, 2010
    I've used ResHacker to translate Pokésav to Dutch. I don't really care if this has been done already, I just wanted to test ResHacker. I decided to test it, and compiled the script. I saved it, and opened it. But Windows gave me an errormessage (see spoiler below).

    I've Googled this problem multiple times, but I can't seem to understand what I should exactly do. The version of Pokésav I don't know, but I downloaded it today from the GBAtemp Pokésav Sticky.

    Translation: C:\Documents and Settings\ \Desktop\ResHacker\Pokésav Dutch\Pokésav - Dutch.exe is not a valid Win32-application.

    Comment: While editing the main frame with ResHacker.

    Comment: The main frame after I edited some of it.
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