[Request] Wii U Button Graphic Rips

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    Sorry to pester some of you, and sorry if this isn't the right subforum (if it isn't, could someone move it?), but this has been pestering me for a while.

    You see, the reason why I'm making this thread is because of this button texture mod for Dark Souls:

    While most of the buttons seem all right, the shoulder buttons are very off, and anyone with a Wii U Pro Controller can see it. It should've been something like this:

    Now there's nothing that Photoshop/GIMP/etc. can't fix, but I'm very picky with what I choose, and I think graphic datas are a lot cleaner than jpeg screenshots. And plus, I don't wanna download the games onto my hard drive. Just seems like a waste of time.

    Here's some of the games I would prefer ripping textures from:
    • Bayonetta 1/2
    • Twilight Princess HD