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    I couldn't find a proper requests section in this forums so here goes.

    I've been forever looking for the following vWii forwarder channels and couldn't come across any stable working ones (safe load and safe exit) for the following apps:

    - Open BOR
    - WiiSX
    - Not64
    - WiiEngine
    - FCE Ultra Gx (I have a working one that loads and exits fine on vWii but shrinks the emulator to a centered box ratio on widescreen TV)

    In any case, if somebody could point me in the right direction to a noob friendly tutorial on how to make these forwarder channels properly compatible with vWii I would definitely give it a go since I am good with graphics but not so much with code.

    Any help pointing me in the right direction is appreciated. Like I said, I've googled and searched and come across nothing but dead links for these specific ones. I wouldn't be posting this if I had found them.

    Again, thanks. ;D
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    Also super mario war :creep:
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  4. CJB100

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    There's an FCE Ultra GX forwarder in my stickied Definitive vWii Hacking Guide, and a link to a huge post with vWii safe channels that I know has channels for WiiSX and I think Not64 as well.