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    Apr 10, 2018
    Someone knows how to modify the hexadecimal data of steel diver sub wars in order to have a level of 99, all submarines, coatings and crews, please.
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    I might be able to help with the crew part... sorta. it works but it's complicated.It doesn't actually 'unlock' new crew, but it allows you to use the locked crew for your sub. what this means is, like the mechanic which rarely appears in online mode only. and he's extremely helpful since he slowly repairs your ship if you are surfaced. this trick will allow you to roster him into your sub even though he is locked. this trick works with all the crew members. here's what you do... but before we start, make sure you have these:
    • The full game of steeldiver
    • A 3ds with luma cfw with pluggin loader links in the first step
    • CtrPluginFramework latest version Links in the first step... not the hyrulian though, he just had breakfeast and must wait 30 minutes before swimming.
    • A sub with 2 or more crew slots
    • An understanding of how addresses in ram work and how to read them.
    • At least 1 crew already unlocked (if you have none then just play the singleplayer mission 3. at the start of the mission, press 'Y' and if you see purple dot that's a crew member you can save. they will be on the surface at that dot's coords, pick them up and complete the mission. if you don't see purple dot, then press start and tap retry. and keep trying until you see purple dot.)
    • A paperclip with some string and a rubber band and a pencil.
    And now here is what you do
    1. download luma with plugin support and install it to your 3ds. download ctrpluginframework and install it If you have the US version of steeldiver, the title id <tid> folder will be called "00040000000D7D00" *[Scroll to the bottom for how to find TITLE ID]*. Download links and setup instructions for the above can be found here https://github.com/JourneyOver/CTRPF-AR-CHEAT-CODES
    2. When you are finish setting up your cheating thingy continue
    3. Start the sub wars game. if you see a green screen for half a second, that means it worked. if not then something went wrong. maybe it's a EU version, which i can't cover since i don't have eu, i have us. Maybe you named something wrong. Go over the steps again and see where you went wrong. Those 0's you see in the tid folder name are Zeros not the letter O. maybe plugin loader is not enabled. press L + ↓ + select to open rosalina luma menu. select enable plugin loader. exit the menu and relaunch the game.
    4. Go to single player mode and press 'Y' to go to your subs. Select the sub whose crew you want to edit. make sure that the sub has at least 2 crew slots.
    5. select any crew member you've already unlocked and put them in your subs crew roster. (Select 1)
    6. Ok now press select to open up the ctrpluginframework cheat menu and tap on search.
    7. The address we are looking for is somewhere in the 0x08000000 area so tap on the memRegion white box and scroll down to "08000000 - 09ad5000" and select that one. this step isn't absolutely necessary but it will speed up the search a lot.
    8. And for the value type, we are going to select the 4 bytes option.
    9. Make sure the search type is "specified value" and scan type is "equal to"
    10. since we added someone to the roster, the value will be 1. so we will look for the address with the value 1. put 1 in the value box.
    11. Ok now we can do our first search. hit search
    12. Ok after about 5-10 seconds we get a bunch of addresses with the value of 1. (Probably around 50,000) way too many to try guessing. so we must change the value in the game. press select to minimize the search and resume game.
    13. Now take the same guy you put in out of your crew.
    14. Press select to bring back the search.
    15. Now the value we are looking for is 0 (zero) since the guy is no longer part of the crew. put 0 in the value box and hit search.
    16. Now the list should be a lot shorter. probably with just 2 hits. if not then just press select and add the guy back into your crew, and search for a 1, then take him out, search for 0. continue until you get a number you can work with and just guess.
    17. Now that you are done searching. i'm going to remove some of the guesswork by stating that the address we need will start with 082d. so likely the top one
    18. Using the d-pad, highlight the address and press "X"
    19. Now select "jump in editor" this will open the disassembler at that address.
    20. Now since the value type is 4 bytes, (each 00 is 1 byte so 00 00 00 00 is 4 bytes) the values you will need to change will be either the first set of 00 or the fifth set of 00. if you look at the top of the disassembler you'll notice some numbers starting with 00 and ending with 07. the parts we will change will be on the column of either the 00 or the 04. ignore columns 01,02,03,05,06, and 07.
    21. so if we changed the byte we landed on when we jump'd in editor, and minimize the menu with select. we would notice the guy we were adding and taking from our crew changed between this menu. like if your last search was 0 and you changed the byte "00" to "01" and press 'A' to confirm. (The button A as in the physical circular button , NOT the one next to the numbers on the screen) then you'll notice that the guy you took out of your crew is now in your crew.
    22. Now comes the fun part find a locked crew member you want in your roster and count how far they are from the guy you were adding and taking out. the order goes from left to right then the beginning of the next line. kinda like how text is on a book. count how far away that character is from where you were. once you have that number, you are ready to edit in your crew.
    23. press select to bring back the disassembly. the book style counting happens here as well. from left to right to the beginning of the next line. except remember when i told you to ignore certain columns? yeah, the only columns that you should count is 00 and 04. reminder column numbers are indicated at the top of the disassembly table. do your counting and when you reach the number you counted from at the crew screen, change that "00" into a "01" to add that crew member to your sub. and then press "A" button to confirm.
    24. Press select to minimize disassembler. and voila you now have a locked crew member as a part of your sub's roster.
    25. Note that you will not be able to remove the crew from the crew menu since it is locked and cannot be toggled. you will need to undo what you did in the disassembly to remove the crew member or rescue the crew member from the mission they are stuck in.
    26. ALSO I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU SAVE THE ADDRESS OF THE HACKED CREW MEMBER. press select to open the disassembly and where you changed the 00 into a 01. highlight it and press "X" and click "new freecheat" name it after the sub's name and the crew member's name.
    27. Oh yeah about the paperclip, rubberband, pencil, and string. those are just for fun. see what you can do with them. try to make a hyperlaser of death out of it or something.
    28. Here's what it looks like with locked crew in your sub: check attachment picture. notice how some of the locked crew have that border around them. and a few crew pictures in the top left don't match any of the ones on the bottom. which means they are part of the locked crew.

    How you can find Title ID: this step is very helpful if you want to use the plugin for other games. anyway here is how i am able to find the title id of anything installed on the 3ds. even homebrew cias have title ids.
    1. Go to your home menu on the 3ds.
    2. Launch FBI (if you don't have FBI a quick google search for "FBI 3DS" will have the links you need within the top 5 results, also make sure you specify 3DS. lest you want to learn more about how Comey was fired or something)
    3. Input your password if you have parental controls enabled.
    4. Scroll down to "Titles" and press A and let it load. this may take around 10 seconds of it populating the list. wait until it's finished or else you'll probably miss the title you're looking for.
    5. Scroll through the list for your desired title and highlight it. the icon for that title along with the name, publisher, mediatype, version, product code,region, size, and most importantly the Title Id... though not in that order.
    6. Note down the title id and remember those are Zeros, not oh's. also note that the id will be in hexadecimal format so be prepared to see a,b,c,d,e,and f as numbers.
    7. After you noted the tid, go back to where you downloaded the plugins (step 1 in hacking your crew.) for instructions on how to install plugins for a game.

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    May 19, 2019
    EvieMaye do u know how to modify the subs stats like dive/surface thank to the CTRPluginFramework - Action Replay? I have find the address (value:dive surface), but when i modify the value, it is directly handed over as before...

    And finaly i tried To find the value winstreak but i cant find that. If u know how to find it ^^

    (Sry if my english is bad, I m french^^)

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