ROM Hack [Request] Rune Factory 3 - A Fantasy Harvest Moon UnDub

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Nov 11, 2010
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not sure if this is the correct section but it says rom hacking on it so i guessed its where i should post this =].

i want to request a fully undubbed rune factory 3 rom, the reason is because the english dub version released was so bad that i cant enjoy the game like i wanted to. i want to replace the sound files with the japanese voice actors on the original japanese rom.

i actually tried to undub it myself using DSlazy to unpack the english rom and the japanese rom and replacing the sound_data.sdat from the jap to eng and then repacking it with dslazy again.

well everything works, the japanese has replaced all of the english voice and made my gaming experience a little better except that its not all in order. like whats supposed to be said isn't.

for example, theres a character that says "danna-sama" everytime im near her but shes supposed to say something like "ohio" . well maybe thats not the best explanation but heres the idea, its like saying good morning at night time. the sequence isn't exactly where it's supposed to be.

and my last resort was using kiwi.ds to extract the files from the sdat file from both jap and eng unpacked with dslazy. then i tried replacing the files that were extracted and repacked it with kiwi.ds again into sdat file, repacked with dslazy into a nds rom and tried the rom with No$GBA emu, i was hoping it will work until i got in game and realized the sound is more messed up than usual.

i know i did something wrong there, but i dunno what. is it even possible to do a full undub? o.o if it is please upload it for me or guide me through because i really cant stand the english voice actors. lol =P
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