Request: Fix Bionicle Heroes' unusable stylus controls

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    Sep 27, 2014
    I've seen a ton of people agree with me, that FPS' work really well on the DS. Aiming with the stylus is fast and precise, even though some people get hand cramps, and some don't. I also know lots of people think Bionicle Heroes on the DS looks good, graphic and design wise. I've seen a ton of people say they like the game. But I've NEVER seen ANYONE mention about the broken stylus controls.
    They simply don't work. Not on my US copy, not on an US nor EU rom. The problem is that the vertical and horizontal movement have been removed completely. If you move the stylus in either straight line, literally nothing happens. You have to draw constant U shapes to be able to move the aim at all.

    I know nothing about programming, but I wanted to make this topic first off because there's zero topics made about this on the internet, and secondly because I know there are people who think this game is good, so if there happened to be programmers among them, maybe someone could at least quickly look if there was a somewhat simple solution to this.

    And slightly off topic, but it's funny how I've always thought Metroid Prime has the same atmosphere (this ambient, lonely, ancient, and very nostalgic) as Bionicle's universe (which I had seen first on the old mini CD-roms), and it's just perfect how we have two similar games from both series on the DS, so Bionicle Heroes is very fitting... if only it was playable.