Replaceing ribbon cable for DS Lite

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    Is it possible to replace just the ribbon cable on the DS lite? I see a couple listing on eBay for ribbon cables, but that might be for the original DS so I'm not sure. The top screen powers on, but there's no picture. Sometimes if I jiggle it just right it'll flash a little bit then go back to white. So I think maybe the actual screen is still fine, it's just the connection.

    Assuming that is possible, what is the easiest procedure to do? I'm looking at three options right now:

    1) replace just the ribbon cable
    PRO: probably cheapest
    CON: don't know yet

    2) buy a replacent screen from DealExtreme
    PRO: easy to find the replacement part
    CON: have to desolder/resolder the speaker wires

    3) buy another broken DS to salvage for parts.
    PRO: Extra parts in case something else get's messed up
    CON: getting one on eBay for cheap is a crapshoot, top screen might still be broken anyway
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    you need a whole new screen for the DSL
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    ribbon and lcd is 1 complete piece. You can not replace ribbon
    Ribbon replacement is for DS PHAT
    ds phat ribbon cable