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Remove intro movies from Doom & Quake Switch ports (and other KEX Engine games)

Have you gotten any of the recent Doom ports or Doom 64, and even Quake or any other KEX Engine games, but just find the initial introduction logos to take WAY too long?
This is most notably an obnoxious thing when playing Doom 64 for me, as the intros take almost a full minute so you can get into the main menu of the game and start playing.

Well, I decided I wanted to get rid of those, and while researching a bit to see if there were cheat codes or anything else that could help bypass these introduction movies, I found another solution, which also applies to Quake, the other Doom ports and (possibly) other KEX Engine based games.

Now then, let's begin:

1. Required Apps

First of, you'll need Edizon. You could potentially use any other save editor, like JKSV or Checkpoint, but for the purposes of this tutorial, we'll be using Edizon as an example.
JKSV is also the most updated one of the bunch, so you can use that one, as long as it dumped the required file for modification.
Your apps should go inside SD:/switch/

2. Dumping your save

This step is quite self-explanatory.
Given how Edizon, JKSV and other save editors have their proper threads and tutorials on how to dump the saves from your games, you can refer to those to dump your own save files.

In this case and for this example, I'll use my own save file for Doom 64 on Switch, which I uploaded into GBATemp some time ago:

3. Browse your game's dumped save

Once you have dumped your save data, copy the contents of the save into your PC.

Do take into consideration that the folder structure may vary between save managers.
For example, for Edizon it'll be SD:/switch/Edizon/saves/[TitleID]/
For JKSV it's SD:/JKSV/[TitleID]/

Following Edizon's folder structure, you'll see something like this:
Screenshot from 2021-10-07 10-35-21.png
If you see a file structure similar on your end, then you found the required files for modification.
For this tutorial, we'll focus on the "kexengine.cfg" file.

4. Edit "kexengine.cfg"

Open the kexengine.cfg file in a text editor of your choosing (I use gedit or Notepad++), and search for the following line:
seta g_showintromovie "1"
This is the precise line that we want to modify in order to enable or disable the introduction movies.

In order to disable introduction movies (this means removing the entirety of the id, Bethesda, KEX Engine logos, which are all one huge movie file), we modify the "1" to "0", like this:
seta g_showintromovie "0"

5. Restore your save file back

Similar to the process done in Step 2, once you make the necessary change in the kexengine.cfg, all you need to do is to put your modified files in the SD, open up your Save Manager (Edizon/JSKV/Checkpoint) and import/restore back the save file into your game.

That's it!
That's all that needs to be done to effectively remove the introduction movies for KEX Engine based games on your Switch.

Now, when you boot up your game, right after the "Switch" logo fades out, it'll stay in a black screen for a couple of seconds, and then you'll be booted right up to the main menu of the game.
This is a HUGE time saver if you just want to launch the game and play it straight away, without having to wait almost a minute (In Doom 64's case) to get to the actual menu.

Hope this helps other people that find that intro annoying!
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