[Release]Pokemon Majikarp (Xdelta patch)


May 22, 2016
Hell, MI
United States
This is a ROM hack for Pokemon Red Version that took me 5 minutes to make
-title screen still says red
-can't go past viridian city, but you won't even make it that far without hacks
-no text was modified, at all
-the only pokemon you will see is majikarp unless you hack
-you should probably hack it
pokemon red (usa) rom
gameboy emulator/gameboy flashcard
xdelta patcher thingy
download (xdelta patch) below and enjoy

theres a reason this is in the eof and thats because you can't pass the first battle because all majikarps can do is splash


  • Pokemon Majikarp.zip
    483 bytes · Views: 116

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