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    Oct 3, 2015
    Hi there, I release a Paper Mario Sticker star save editor, thanks to @Hiccup (request this editor and sent all offsets needed) and @DaBlackDeath (found all offsets)

    Backup your save file before use this editor


    How to use :
    - Extract your save file with JKSM, his name is pm4_0, pm4_1 or pm4_2.bin (JKSM have a issue with Paper Mario Sticker Star : you need to have 3 profile save to able extract them)
    - Backup your save
    - Edit with PMSS save Editor and re-import your save file

    Warning :
    - Be careful if you don't have a stickers in album and you have his coordinate your save file will be corrupt, load your save file and select (none) in coordinate or select a sticker.
    - Also, if a stickers exceed limit of album your save will be corrupt, load your save file and use other coordinate
    - Your stickers can be in wrong page (if you reorganize them in the game)

    Initial release ver.1.1.0 :
    Edit HP, coins, comet, time
    - Edit Album stickers
    - Unlock album pages
    - Stickers tab can take some time to load (he use lot of resources)

    Download :

    if someone found other things wrong tell me, thanks
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