[RELEASE] NoNpDrm Plugin by TheFloW

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  1. sudeki300

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    Nov 20, 2004
    this my config in ur0tai

    # You must reboot for changes to take place.
    # henkaku.skprx is hard-coded to load and is not listed here
    # main is a special titleid for SceShell
    # this is for modifying the version string


    this works fine

    looking at your config file where is your gamesd.skprx line?
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  2. Burai-ha

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    Apr 7, 2017
    He's not using SD2Vita.
  3. sudeki300

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    Nov 20, 2004
    that explains why the plugin isnt working then, he's got the config looking in ur0 for some reason, thats sd2vita setup. it should all be in ux0.
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    I forgot
    You can use ur0 for the tai config whether you have an SD2Vita or not, it's not just for the SD2Vita.
  5. sudeki300

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    Nov 20, 2004
    this is what i followed and mine works fine, read elsewhere of people having this issue and it was of this reason. it's still worth a try for the guy to see if it helps him?

    1) Download the latest release of the NoNpDrm Plugin.

    2) Place it on the “ux0:tai/” (Normal MC) or “ur0:tai/” (sd2vita) folder in your console.

    3) On VitaShell browse to “ux0:tai/” or “ur0:tai/”and open the “config.txt” file with (X)

    4) Navigate to the “*KERNEL” line and insert 1 new line below it -On the new line insert “ux0:tai/nonpdrm.skprx” or “ur0:tai/nonpdrm.skprx” for sd2vita users

    5) Restart your console with Vitashell TIP: Step 1 to 5 only need to be performed the first time you install the plugin.

    6) To install games, place your NoNpDrm dump on the “ux0:app” folder of your console.

    7) To install DLC, place your NoNpDrm DLC on the “ux0:addcont/[GameID]/[DLCFolder]” directory and the needed licenses on the “ux0:license/addcont/[GameID]/[DLCFolder]” directory of your console.

    8) To install updates, place your NoNpDrm updates on the “ux0:Patch/[GameID]” folder of your console.

    9) After you place all the desired files on the respective locations, go to VitaShell and open the (TRIANGLE) Menu on the Home Screen, select “Refresh Livearea” and wait for it to update the screen with your games.

    10) PROFIT!!!

    NOTE: For NoNpDrm games to save properly they must be mounted on a “ux0:” partition.

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    yes but if he has the skprx in ux0 and the config in ur0/tai and the line "ur0:tai/nonpdrm.skprx" then it won't work, plugin and config must match to work
  6. Usl5264

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    May 29, 2016
    What about the Henkaku suprx, can they be moved from the ur0:tai to ux0:tai?
  7. penciluser

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    Nov 12, 2016
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    Just for anyone that uses enso and their SD2Vita as the main SD have your config.text setup like this: [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
    And have the nonpdrm.skprx in the ur0:tai/ folder

    Make sure you have NO tai folder in ux0:
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  8. jonnymars

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    Jun 18, 2016
    I'm trying to add DLC via NoNpDRM plugin. I have read https://github.com/TheOfficialFloW/NoNpDrm
    However, it states: To do so, copy the fake license ux0:nonpdrm/license/addcont/TITLE_ID/DLC_FOLDER/6488b73b912a753a492e2714e9b38bc7.rif to ux0:license/addcont/TITLE_ID/DLC_FOLDER/6488b73b912a753a492e2714e9b38bc7.rif.

    I don't have this nonpdrm folder he's mentioned. Can anyone assist here? Thanks.

    Do I need to activate the plugin by editing the game.txt file in the ux0: plugins folder?
    Also, the livearea refresh told me that it's been refreshed with like new files added but there are no new buttons in the livearea.... I'm stomped as to whats going on...
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