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  • Hey i see you posted in the forum about having problems injecting FBI in to the H&S app as it would give you an error when you opened the H&S requiring you to restart the 3DS. Did you ever find a fix for this? i am having the same problem, the inject goes fine and i boot in to rxTool mode but the H&S app just sends me to a black screen saying to restart the 3DS
    Nope. On the suggestion of another user that maybe the fbi injection replacement got corrupted while making it, I tried redoing the entire thing and was looking at the command window this time.

    I saw an error message but at the end, it said success and the FBi. App was created so maybe the error had something to do with it...
    hey so i just tried again last night, i re injected my original hs and rebooted then dumped it again, used the new fresh dump and injected it with bigbluemenu then injected it in to the hs app and it worked. hope this helps
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