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    This is a tool that, when run, will download and decrypt and extract every file on Pokemon Sun/Moon/X/Y/OR/AS's Spotpass servers. This includes Mystery Gifts, PGL regulations, etc.

    Note: Decryption requires you to be running a copy of my crypto server on a 3ds on your local network, and for you to edit the static "crypto_ip" and "crypto_port" variables in NetworkUtils.cs to point at that 3ds. Decryption cannot avoid networking through a 3DS without the BOSS key from bootrom, which has not been publically dumped.

    The first time this is run, it will generate an enormous logfile as it downloads everything and decrypts/summarizes all the wondercards and regulations.

    On future runs, it will only download/decrypt if there're new contents you haven't already downloaded, and will only log the new ones.

    Source is available on my github.

    Note: This tool has a lot of setup requirements, and as such it's only really reasonable to expect devs to be able to make use of it.