[RELEASE] easy VC DS inject batch for windows

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    Easy DS inject & convert usb batch files

    ok after msx here's the DS version (a bit better)

    you need to find a baserom (it's better getting from installed vc console )
    the baserom must be on base1 dir and base 2 may have other base (or the same)
    and delete from each folders the rom.zip, app.xml, meta.xml

    -you need a dir nuspacker in the dir with *** the common key installed read the nuspacker post for that**** https://gbatemp.net/threads/nuspacker-pack-files-into-installable-packages.447689/

    -you need 7z.exe in the dir (getting from here http://www.7-zip.org/)

    -you need wget.exe in the dir (optional read below) https://www.gnu.org/software/wget/

    once it's ready, just enjoy.

    here's a video showing this working.


    NEW in this release 0.7

    if the directory META/nameof rom/ *.tga exist with the name of each rom, the batch will copy before packing the tga files to the
    temporary dir.

    ---- tetrisDS.nds



    once uncompressed the archive in the dir
    run FTPIIU_EVERYWHERE in the wiiu

    look at the ip and run batch4createcontrolid.bat
    type the ip and let it finish.
    once it finish you can delete the index directory (look at the files, it's all ids of your wiiu)
    the batch generate a file called "CONTROLID.TXT"
    it's much more secure to avoid overwriting.
    the file contains all the id of your wiiu, and each time the batch generate a inject game, he checks if the id does not already exist. You can pass this anyway, the batch will work anyway. After it's better to don't delete the file controleid.txt, when you will use the batch, the new ids will be append to the controlid file.

    Put roms in ROMS directory

    start 1.bat

    type the chosen base 1 or 2
    type the 5 last ID digits wanted

    get the usb install files on FINAL directory that's it.

    ** the rom names can't have spaces. **

    the file : https://mega.nz/#!9h5X3ArS!SDynRV8vYhV8PlP6rFUJPp4Vgg3VFDSh_HIbEHeKPgM

    thanks to
    nuspacker creator
    wget creators
    7zip creators
    and all the wiiu hackers who made the wiiu a bit more fun.
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