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    May 30, 2011
    Alright, I'm trying to recover a .bak file that was lost. Here's what happened.
    I was on Windows 7 64-bit Home premium and decided to rewipe, since It had a bunch of registry errors from me using shit-up-me`-arse programs such as Advanced SystemCare, CCleaner, etc.
    I wanted to make a partion of 100gb so I could store backup stuff. I was unable to, so I then had to use PERFECT DISC and use the "Prepare for Shrink" defrag option. This worked, and let me make the partion.
    Before I defragged, I deleted a file (which I want to recover) that was HC.bak (i think) which was really a .rar file, but I changed the extention for security reasons. I then Perma-Deleted it, as I felt I didn't need it anymore. I need it now! It contains old school documents which I thought I wouldn't need. Anyway, Then after that, I formatted my remaining 3gb in the Windows 7 Installer and installed like it was brand new.
    I think I've performed 2 defrags since. Am I screwed? Any ideas? Thanks!

    Summary :
    *Perma Deleted a file
    *Prep for Shrink Defrag'd
    *Partion'd 100gb for backup
    *Formatted 300gb (the main partion)
    *Reinstalled Win 7
    *I prob defragged 2 times since
    *I need that perma-deleted file! [Which is a .bak currently]
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    See if Recuva can get it on the deepest scan.