Record DS Using Flash Card Edge Or G6 Possible?

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    Record DS Using Flash Edge Or G6 Possible?
    i been doing some reaserch i stumble to this video on youtube and comment said you can record using R4

    Video Link

    this is his comment

    sitsolve (1 week ago)
    yes but an emulator is not on your ds its on your computer and you could record from you computer but if he wants it on his ds then he needs to get r4, tt ds, or any other homebrew runner. you can get them onlline and then put the roms and recording software on that then play the game and record it then take it out and put it on the computer

    is this true?
    if it is or you know some info can you tell me it would be nice to record DS videos

    thanks in advance [​IMG]
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    Not true. At all.

    You can't even take screenshots of games yet.
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    Emulator or hardware(but you can't buy it, it's mostly homemade)