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    Hi all its been a while since I've been here actively so I thought I'd reintroduce myself as I do lurk in the shadows from time to time.

    My name is Drew, I'm 28 years old, live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, currently I am in my last year of college (my 3rd and most successful attempt) studying to be a computer engineering technologist. For the last decade I have mostly worked in private security as both a guard and a investigator, I've done just and seen just about everything you can in this field (random fact: I used to work at pacific mall when i was 18(my first security job)). 3 years ago I was laid off due to an injury and a disagreement with upper management, so I returned to school.

    I own a wii (that I unsuccessfully tried to sell here so I could buy a new server) and a DSIXL that is MIA and a PS2 lol. I don't really play video games any more as I have been studying and trying to start a business.

    If you have any questions what so ever about anything (except video games) feel free to PM me and I'll be glad to help. Suggested topics include but not limited to: law (Canadian only sorry), life, women, booze, drugs(good and bad mmmk), ADD/ADHD, networking, computers, linux, cyber bullying, internet scams, fraud.

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    How meany years in prison can I get for humping legs in public?

    Okaybutreally, welcome. it'd be nice to have somebody that knows a bit about canadian copyright law.
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    Hello, Drew. Nice to have you here.
    I'm a panda.
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