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Discussion in 'EZ-Flash' started by BryceOne, Dec 9, 2011.

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    I just got my EZ Flash 4. After playing / saving a GBA game, then resetting it back to the menu, it writes the save file. Is this how they are saved to the MiniSD card? If so, I pretty much need to power it on so it can save the game to the card before putting my DS away for the day? Is it normal that it takes 20 seconds to write the save file?

    Also, when applying the clock fix to Pokemon Sapphire, it makes the rom to large to load, and it needs to transfer it to NOR. Is there something that will fix the size back to normal and still keep the fix?
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    It can take longer if you have many files in a folder but yeah it writes upon powering up and 20 seconds is well within normal ranges.

    As for the clock fixes making it too large that is odd- understandable certainly (many patches use the end of the rom preventing trimming and in some cases pushing the size above the 16 meg mark) but I did not tend to see it whenever I had to test these patches out for people. Are these the multi language versions, ones with intros or some such? I assume these are either the bubbz or GBATA patches-