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    [​IMG] R6 Gold Review
    Official GBAtemp Review by JPH
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    I'm proud to announce that I've completed and posted my Neoflash R6 Gold review.

    Is the R6 Gold another poor Neoflash product? We know it has a built-in motion sensor, but how does the R6 Gold perform?
    Read the review...who knows, what if the R6 Gold turns out to be an impressive flashcart?

    We'd like to thank IC2005 for providing the review sample.

    Please note: If you have any suggestions for the review, found an error, left information out, or have a question - please PM me and let me know about it so that I can fix it.

    Enjoy the read!

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  2. Little

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    Nov 20, 2006
    im surprised you didnt say more about its rom compatibility - it seems pretty darn bad - not loading EBA? and that would have been a good place to mention how slow this thing is!
  3. bollocks

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    Apr 29, 2005
    seems like this has the same problem as a lot of neoflash stuff - they have some really good ideas but when it actually comes to building a decent product around them, theyre not so hot.
  4. Sonicandtails

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    "The R6 Gold originally did not have commercial ROM support and until it was added a while after, so the results above are surprising.
    As you can see, the R6 has almost perfect, if not perfect, ROM compatibility."

    Yet, a few of the games failed to load.
  5. Covarr

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    While I admit that getting commercial ROMs to run on a device designed only for homebrew is quite an accomplishment, I don't think it's justifiable to claim that a device which won't run two fairly high profile games has even decent compatibility.

    Folks, you're better off with whatever you can get for $10 at DealExtreme. Even the crappiest R4 clone will play EBA.
  6. Minox

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    Aug 27, 2007
    Most likely because the review had some changes that needed to be made.
  7. Joe88

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    Jan 6, 2008
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    Its down to bronze now

    It was silver when I read it yesterday

    the bad rom compatibility, price, and lack of updates I guess did that

    anyway nice review
  8. RexNebular

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    May 1, 2006
    "Nintendo has never released a Nintendo DS game that requires a motion function; however there are quite a few homebrew games that do require motion function."

    Actually Nintendo/Activision released Tony Hawk's Motion. It includes a slot-2 motion device. All the reviews say it is a horrible game, so I doubt anyone has bothered to make a 3rd party hack/motion device that is compatible with it.
  9. 11gardir

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    Feb 2, 2008
    It says 2nd January 2008.
    Not 2009.
  10. nBrew

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    Jan 31, 2007
    I received this card about a half year ago from the neoflash team but i found the software way to slow to be usefull. Everything took ages to load up and ProteinScratch even crashed when i tried to load the second sample. I ran the speedtest program for libfat (which works with dldi) and found out that the R6 Gold was 7(!) times slower than any other card i got (including ttds, r4, cyclo evo, ez flash v). I stopped my review and told dr neo about it. He would fix me up with new firmware within days he promised, but it never happened yet.

    btw, i also received a r6 xtreme 64g from neoflash but that broke down the second time i tried to use it [​IMG] common problem dr neo assured me [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I am surprised how the reviewer could find some positives for this card since its rubbish with the current software. O wait, Mario Kart DS with motion sensor, thats cool but not worth the 50$.a
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    When did JPH resign?