r4i update help

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    Feb 11, 2010
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    it doesnt seem to get pokemon white to play.so i have a r4 cartridge and i have been trying to update it from

    : www.r4ds-i.com.cn or commonly known as www.r4ultra.com

    after almost 3 hrs of searching and trial and error. it seems that ive found that this cartridge of mine is fake -.- can anyone give a OS which it can operate on?
    its the R4 with the big "i" instead of the one with the i inside of a circle

    ive tried the official 1.56 and 1.55
    ive also tried the AKAIO update

    whenever i play pokemon white, it loads but then sends an error saying
    " cartridge might not be a acekard clone blahblahblah please contact vendor"

    ive tried using the TTDS files, doesnt work either.

    Acekard updates doesnt work as well and i recieve the same error message.
  2. Woodhouse

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    Jun 20, 2011
    Which r4 card do you have, is there a official site or a pic link of it.