R4gold3ds old version not updating

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    hello, i currently have the old version of the r4gold 3d http://www.r4igold.cc/3ds_main.asp

    i have investigated around and i was told that i can work with the 3ds V5.0.0 if i apply this patch first http://www.r4-ds-r4i.com/blog/how-to-upgrade-r4i-gold-3ds-card-for-3ds-v5-0-0.html

    the problem is that after clicking on the upgrade file in the DS lower screen only appear the words "3ds 5.0 update" and stays like that :( nothing else happens (note. im using a normal DS for the upgrade, wich i have used for all rpevious upgrades till now) and the icon is of a japanese game (lot of japanese words, the icon has a brown haired guy with a Q on the upper elft corner and the words Konami Digital entertainment under the japanese words)
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    That blog is for r4i-gold.eu, not r4igold.cc.

    Different websites are different teams/products. You can't use updates meant for another cart.