r4ds.ro reliability question

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    Nov 20, 2015
    Hello! I am planning on buying a Sky3ds card from Romania (on this website http://www.r4ds.ro) and this question is a little more towards to romanian buyers but if anyone can suggest to get a solution.
    So what do you think guys is that website reliable it would be good if yes because the price and also the shipping would be good because its DHL. I checked the payment but it seems they only accept PayPal? Not sure.
    If you know a better site that is European and the fast delivery is also not that expensive please suggest it.
    Like I tried to research a bunch of sites and saw cards for 70-80$ but the shipping is 20$+ thats a little too much, and I also not really want to wait 2 weeks because of free shipping. :(

    Thanks all!
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