R4-III and SaveSender/NDS Backup Tool Wifi

Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by davegazi, Mar 31, 2009.

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    I posted this yesterday. I think it may have been deleted...or maybe I didn't hit post. Anyhow, if it's being deleted because it's clone related, please refer me to the proper posting location.

    Me being a stupid and lured by low prices and a legit looking website, I bought an R4-III Upgrade Revolution. It's playing all the games I'd like it to so I'm pretty pleased with it.

    However, I'm trying to back up my kiddos saves on their retail carts and it's not working with SaveSender/Receiver or the NDS Backup Tool. Mario Kart hooks up to WFC just fine. Ports are forwarded on both programs.

    NDS Backup Tool:
    - Connects and am able to see the commands mirrored on SmallFTP
    - Asks to swap cart
    - Finds save
    - But won't dump

    - Get Welcome to SaveSender screen and no further.
    - Doesn't ask to swap in retail cart.

    Anyone get either of these working with their R4-III? Do you figure it's the clone not working? Or do you think I missed a router, firewall, or some other networking setting?

    Thanks for any info.



    Got Savesender to work. Apparently it prefers SSID to be broadcast. WOOHOO!