R4 3ds delux card questions

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    Aug 2, 2014
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    hi everyone

    iv been reading for days since i got my R4 delux and some things i can't figure out

    how can i back up my NAND?

    how can i update firmware via the delux card itself. iv been trying to see if there is a firmware version similar to the gateway 1.0 where you can update via the cart itself but so far no answers just more questions

    if someone can answer these i would appreciate it
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    Sep 23, 2013
    1. you will need to use the gateway launcher.dat(or the old 3.0 R4 firmware ....dont use 3.1/3.2/3.3 they can brick your console), R4 disabled the gateway menu on their newest FW
    2. you cant, r4's earliest release was a copy of gateway 1.2/1.1 so updates where already blocked