1. poptartth2nd

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    Jan 1, 2017
    United States
    So im planning on installing a game soon. Im going to boot mocha then use wupinstaller mod y to install it to my Wii U (nand). Will this work? Also, where can I find the latest version of wupinstaller mod y?
  2. Deleted User

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    If the game is from your own disc dump (or is a "legit" game) you can actually install and run it without CFW (Mocha). If it isn't "legit" you could use Mocha, but other options include Haxchi, CHBC (be careful with it) and Simple Signature Patcher.

    The latest version of WUPInstaller Y-Mod can be found on the Homebrew App Store. wiiubru.com/appstore (also see the Wii U homebrew app that automates installation of apps for you)
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