Questions Regarding Cobra Ode

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    Jul 26, 2016
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    I'm somewhat new towards the PS3 hacking scene, so I have a few questions regarding the modchip/driver emulator, Cobra Ode.

    1. Will the Cobra Ode modchip work on the Super Slim model?
    2. Is the latest firmware, (system software update 4.80) compatible with Cobra Ode?
    3. Can you burn PS3 ISOs on to blank Blu-ray discs and play them? If so, will loading times differ; and will they run fine?
    4. Will you be prompted with trophies/achievements when PS3 ISOs are played?
    5. Will I get banned for using this modchip online, (PSN/PlayStation Network)? Does this apply to PS1/PS2 ISOs as well?
    6. Is it possible to export PS1/PS2 saves on to a PC emulator, (ePSXe/PCSX2)?
    The only reason why I ask is because I seem interested in the PS3 ISO emulation feature. I already have some functionality towards PS1/PS2 emulation on PC.
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    Oct 19, 2015
    1. yes
    2. yes
    3. HDD & swap disc
    4. yes
    5. Dont know. Im keeping offline
    6. Dont know

    Here is my question. I have super slim 4.66 COBRA ODE ..... with swap disc. havent played for long time and i was wondering if is now possible to downgrade from 4.66 to lower firmware which doesnt need swap disc....i would also like to play games (ISO'S) i already have on HDD who are set for playing with swap disc.

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