Hacking Questions before doing sysNAND to emuNAND system transfer


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Jun 13, 2013
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In the midst of all of the excitement surrounding the long-awaited New 3DS support for Gateway, I have come to realize that between my original 3DS, my gateway 3DS, and now my ready-for-gateway New 3DS, I'm getting a lot of 3DS systems, and they're a bit redundant. I've seen a thread on here of people talking about how you can system transfer from a normal 3DS to a gateway 3DS and do so safely. The trick is to system transfer from your normal 3DS to the emuNAND on your gateway 3DS. This would be ideal for me, as I could combine my two main systems (at the moment) into one system, and remove the excess unit that I don't need.

Now before I do that, I have some questions that need explored before I can move forward with confidence.

1. I've read a guide on IGN about 3DS system transfer, and it says that in the end, you will be asked to move your old SD card to your new 3DS. Given that emuNAND is installed on the SD card of my gateway 3DS, how exactly would I move my normal 3DS' SD card to my Gateway 3DS to complete this process?

2. Both of my systems are currently using 8GB SD cards. My normal 3DS has 2.95 GB free right now. The System Memory is listed as having 620 blocks open. I'm concerned that with already having the emuNAND using up 1GB on the gateway 3DS' SD card, that the memory could become further constrained and that I will run out. I have a 16GB SD card I could use. Is it safe to move my gateway 3DS' SD card data onto the 16GB card?

I don't have any .cia installed on my Gateway 3DS, and I have a decent number of downloaded games on my normal 3DS, mostly ambassador games but also a few others like a few GB VC games, Steel Diver Sub Wars and 3D Space Harrier for example.

If there's other things that are complex about this plan and that I may need to know about, please let me know. Thank you!
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