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    Hi there!

    Have few questions arounds those sd adapters.

    1) i have 3g version vita,and i heard that there is adapter which can be used instead of 3g module.Where i can get it? And how much is it cost? Or those adapters are still not made yet?

    2) i saw those sd2card adapters,and also i have original 32gb vita card.So in result on cfw i can install games on both cards?or i can ose only one as a storage for games or apps?

    3)is it safe to remove sd2card once games are installed there,if i wanna play games on my vuta cartridges?

    4) is the speed of sd card using those adapters enough for games to not have any slowdowns?

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    Probably nowhere, they were officially made in very limited runs (like the to-gamecard adapter), but unlike that one it uses a larger connector, works on a significantly smaller number of consoles, and requires actual electronics (however cheap a SD to USB adapter is) so extremely small chance some Chinese company will start making clones when there are more profitable things that do the same final result

    Only one storage can be mounted to ux0:, apps normally only work from ux0: although in theory this can be patched, and in practice it's possible to manually copy software to ur0: (internal storage) and get it to run from there, so uma0: may or may not be realistic

    You will likely have to disable the plugin that makes the adapter work, not sure
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