Questions about this 10.6 - 9.2 for OOThax.

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    Feb 9, 2016
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    Reference to the video here:

    So a reddit post from a guy named ModzLink shows up saying that it's now possible to downgrade the original 3DS from it's most current firmware (10.6.0-31U) down to the golden firmware 9.2 simply by using a software exploit rather than it's hardware alternative.



    The catch, however, since Nintendo patched every exploit in the book from Menuhax to browserhax (due to the annoying "You have to update "message" to use the web browser crippling me from reverting my newly updated 10.5 system at the wrong god damn time once again), there's currently no 'free' way into getting into the Homebrew Launcher without the world famous "Ninjhax" exploit.

    Now, normally I wouldn't have any sort of problem of purchasing this game from my local GameStop or maybe on eBay or Craigslist, except for the one main issue.

    Nintendo banned the game from acknowledgement because they KNEW the exploit existed, therefore, copies of the game are currently gone down under. You know what THAT means.

    Ass-stabbingly high prices for some shitty game I'm probably not going to even touch for more than like, 2 days. $70 being the cheapest, just for a used copy on ebay. Freaking $120 on Amazon! Jesus Christ, pass that up.

    OK, now this is where my new question comes into play.

    We all know that there's another famous exploit that (as far as I know besides the Nintendo Selects version) still works to this current firmware, the Ocarine of Time 3D map exploit known as "OOThax".

    Now there's a huge difference here. Cubic Ninja wasn't that well known for anything besides it's exploit discovery, Ocarina of Time 3D is one of the best-selling 3DS titles of all time and is a polished remake of one of their best video games of all time. So, like it or not, OOTHax isn't going to go away anytime soon...

    Until Nintendo Selects returned with a brand new lineup of low-priced top choice titles that included Ocarina of Time 3D as one of them, on $20 in the US.

    What my dilemma consists of is a combination that could benefit me or just waste my god damn money (because I used to own and beaten OOT3D already).

    Would there be anybody willing to perform the downgrade method shown in this video EXCLUDING the Cubic Ninja method and instead replace it with the use of OOThax? I know that OOThax does work with the current firmware, but I'm worried that the Nintendo Selects release could have made some alterations with the game's data that could block out the possibility of accessing the Homebrew Browser to downgrade my 3DS without a hardmod.

    Thank you for reading, and I hope anyone will give me any uplifting insight to this whole thing.
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    If you're that concerned, get a physical copy. Or, just spend the $20 and find out. You're gonna have to get a Powersaves dongle anyway. Unless of course you have a second system that's already hacked.
  3. Pikm

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    The NS version of Oot didn't patch out the exploit. Nintendo is really fucking stupid when it comes to blocking homebrew.
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    OOT3dhax will work but you need a way to get a hacked save into the game.

    1. Powersaves3ds cheat dongle - extra $18-25
    2. DSlite or phat, a flashcard, and a willingness to saw the nub off the corner of your brand new OOT game.
    3. already hacked 3ds (maybe a friend could help you out).
    4. Sky3ds. but this option is about $80.
  5. hyno111

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    Nov 9, 2014
    I used r4i save dongle. It should be cheaper than powersave.
    To your original question, OOT3dhax can be used to launch the homebrew in 10.6, and downgrade.
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    This DOESN'T work for me. I've been trying like crazy to run the OOT exploit, but it always ends with "Something went wrong. :(" The error message is:

    Failed to install the savefile(s) with the romfs common savedir.
    Error code: C8804465

    I don't know what the deal is here, folks. I'm using my Old 3DS to install the exploit (I was told I could do it this way), and it's currently running 9.2 CFW. I'm using the OOTsploit that came with Smea's starter pack. The wi-fi is currently turned on, so that shouldn't be an issue. My New 3DS is at 10.7.

    So what do I do? What am I missing? I'm going to try refreshing the OOTsploit and see if that helps at all.

    EDIT: I needed to run Ocarina of Time once to initialize the save files and get things started. Now it's working fine!
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    Can someone close this thread, I already figured everything out thanks to the new "Nag message" exploit and such.

    Now I'm trying to figure out how the hell I'm going to find a 9.2 U firmware so I can do this downgrade thing.