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Sonic Angel Knight

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May 27, 2016
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Okay, so if anyone is familiar with mobile devices, trying to extend the battery of the switch should be common easy practice. But Let's be fair, the switch is slightly different in operation than the smart phone. Turn on air play mone, disables wifi and bluetooth (Basically all wireless communications) Set brightness to lowest setting, is common things to note for extending battery life, also note that depending on what you are doing with it will also give different results. Some games may get more life than others to be specific.

But one thing that i did want to consider is the joycon situation. When you put the joycon on the system, it charges the batteries on the controller, when is removed, the only way to use the joycons is bluetooth. If anyone else noticed that means even if the joycon is fully charged, it will stay charged cause is on the system. I would assume it drains the battery faster so removing it would be smart, but as i stated already to use joycon without connected to switch, you need bluetooth on which airplane mode disables.

So my question is simple. Would the switch battery last longer with joycon on system or in bluetooth mode? Let's recap for people who skipped to this part.
  • Attaching joycon to switch charges the controller
  • Bluetooth is the only way to use it without attaching to switch
Bluetooth doesn't use as much battery as wifi, but either way is using battery to charge with it attached or to connect when not attached.
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