[QUESTION] Wireless USB microphones (mainly for Let's Sing)

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  1. lordelan

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    Jan 4, 2015
    Hi, my girlfriend loves singing games on the console and I wanted to go with Let's Sing 2018.
    However having those long wires from the console to the couch is something I always disliked when playing those games on the Wii back then.

    Does anybody know of wireless microphones (two working at the same time of course without disturbing each other) with a receiver being connected to the Switch dock and that's it?

    Those for example are looking good being two mics with only one receiver but I wonder if they work with the Switch, especially with Let's Sing:


  2. GothicIII

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    Jan 4, 2015
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    I wouldn't recommend it because wired mics are best for singing when it comes to latency and sound quality. I don't own the game but I heard the latency is really bad (means your singing is not in time with the music) and with wireless mics it gets worse.
  3. aykay55

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    They should work, as the Switch supports USB Audio In/Out as of update 4.0.0, I'm not sure about the latency that @GothicIII is talking about but it should be compatible.
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