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    Okay i was wondering if we can add a rule to requesting Graphics. This may seem mean to some people but i find it really nice and user friendly. I think that there should be a template to request graphics. I mean I personally don't watch a lot of animes and when I see a name I don't recognize some names from ones I don't watch. The template doesn't have to be formal or anything but inside your request you should post what anime or something that can recognize it easier as well as trying to find the person or thing faster. One time i was asked in a pm (not here on an other site) to do a person named Chika from Zombie Loan. I think that was the anime I can't really remember. Because they didn't tell me who that person was it took me a while to find out. I did finish the request but I felt like they should have told me where he was from. I did ask in the end cause I super fail lol.

    I typed to much but I think that when doing a request the requester should name the anime or something to help the graphic artiest find who they want quicker. I am sorry if this is in the wrong spot but I thought this would best the best spot. I Aplolgize thoese if i have affended you in anyway. ( I find it hard I did but if I do sorry)

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    I agree with what you say - I'm no good at graphics (but at least will have a try), but if i was asking someone to make a graphic for me - I would try & help them out the best I could.

    Perhaps I would point them to graphics I've seen of a similar style to what I'd like (like in Google images) or even perhaps draw a rough scetch, scan it in & place it in Flickr so that the person gets a better idea.

    Any references to a character, or item etc - I would at least point them in a general direction so that they would know what I was talking about & avoid confusion (a good example was when my Niece wanted pictures of 'Sakura' - & I thought she meant the one out of 'Naruto' but she really wanted the one's from 'CardCaptors' )
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    I agree.... It would be nice to know which characters by making it more specific. So that when searching for images, it would be easier to find them. Instead of gathering all the images of that certain character and realizing none of them were right... That would just be horrible as you wasted most of your time.

    But TBH, I thought people would've already been more specific when asking for a character... Like adding last names and where they are from. So that people would do less searching.