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    Hi all. I currently have a ps3 slim running 3.55 cfw and have seen things on other sites regarding DEX units. I know they are dev units and there is now a way to convert your CEX (consumer) unit to DEX. The DEX version of 4.21 fw has even been leaked. My question is, what if any, is the advantage to switching to DEX, as far as being able to play backups.

    I know it can play all current games from disk and i know deank has even released a version of multiman for dex units but do they require special eboots?
    are they hard to come by?
    can i just use multiman and rip them and play like i currently do?

    so many questions. also what is the easiest and safest way to switch. can i later go back to 3.55 or even cex. i know i asked alot of questions but i hope i can get some answers.

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    CEX to DEX is a one way only, can CANNOT go back to retail unit (CEX).
    this change is definitive.
    Godreborn said bellow that you can reflash it.

    The advantage is that it runs unsigned package/games, and that you can play recent games with it as you can update to latest available firmware (4.x DEX) and you can Downgrade to 3.55DEX anytime if required.

    You can't connect to PSN anymore (if you stay in CEX, there's always a chance that PSN will be available again, with a PSN password or a new hack, or new cfw, etc.).
    Dev unit have their own networks, and you can't play online (I'm pretty sure you'll get banned if you connect to these servers).

    About the games, I didn't read enough info about DEX units.
    I don't know if you need to get an unsigned eboot, but my guess is that it can run both signed and unsigned games.
    But all (online) game updates will be unsigned by default.

    And about an easy way to convert, you'll have to wait for someone else of look by itself (I didn't make a lot of research as I won't convert my console).
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    in order to play the newest games (3.70+) off an hdd, u need an official update (changing that into a debug update). u can also play any retail game without losing the hack. u can go back to cex by reflashing ur original nand/nor dump and installing cfw (I've done this myself). don't lose ur original flash dump or u'll have to buy a dongle to enter factory service mode to reflash the console.