(Question) How to Block these ads in General?

Discussion in 'Computer Software and Operating Systems' started by RyDog, Mar 21, 2016.

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    Now I know that AdBlock hurts sites, but if I see one of those ads saying 'virus detected' or 'chrome update available' or one of those toxic scam ads, I get pretty pissed about it. They probably trick the elderly or computer illiterate every day and it annoys me. Honestly I think these ads should be banned because they're scams... But hey, that's how they do their business. [​IMG]
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    Yeah, they piss me off too. I had to see them before when I had Adblock. I moved onto uBlock, and it blocks them, and allows sites to work, that normally block Adblock.
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    www.adfender.com save my days even MS Edge.
    Works like a firewall ad filter. You can even control black/whitelist as well.
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    you can use adblock plus without listings and manually create your filters..
    adblock plus doesn't directly "hurt the websites" it hurts them when using the default lists like easy list.. you can unsubscribe from that huge lists and either find one that deals with the scamming stuff or create your own..
    the problem is, most ads are delivery through a company that delivers all kind of ads.. if the company doesn't control them (ban scamming or pornografic ads as an example), the user will blacklist all the ads from the company..