question about version + loading backups

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    Apr 25, 2009
    hey all,

    I haven't hooked up my wii for nearly a year, so i haven't updated it as well. During that year i've heard some things about backups not longer being playable on wii firmare 3.3 or higher, unless taking some precautions (heard something about GeckoOS or something?).

    So is there anything i need to do before updating my wii?
    Can i also update the wii first and do i have to do something afterwards?
    Can i just update my wii (to 4.0 i think?) without any problems, no extra things need to be done?

    EDIT: my wii firmware at the moment is 3.0E i think (whatever version got released at the time of Smash Brawl (NTS-J) version, haven't updated ever since