Question about undubbing?

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    New to this whole modding thing, and I've got a few questions regarding it and undubbing.

    Ultimately, I'd like to undub the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia. For those who don't know, this game was released exclusively on the 360 in the U.S. and Europe, and was then re-released on the PS3 with a myriad of bonus content, exclusively for PS3, and only in Japan.

    I don't have a 360, and buying one just for this game didn't sound very appealing, so I imported the PS3 version a few days ago, and so far I'm loving it. It's probably my favourite RPG of all time, no joke.
    Now, I can read Katakana so I'm not having too much of a problem getting through menus and such. But me not actually knowing Japanese, I have to rely on a Let's Play of the English version to understand what's going on in the story. So, to improve my overall experience of the game, I'd like to have the English voices instead. I know lots of people replace English voices with Japanese voices all the time, so this is kind of like a reverse undub I suppose. And there's also a full text translation patch coming out quite soon, which replaces all Japanese text in the game with English text. So, combined, this has the result of almost a completely English PS3 version (excepting some of the voice acting that wasn't in the 360 version).
    My problem? I don't know how to undub. [​IMG]

    I assume that it involves going into the ISO's files and replacing all the voice data in the PS3 ISO with the voice data in the 360 ISO, correct? I'm not sure how this works, though. I expect this might be very difficult/tedious if the two do not employ the same type of sound file... But nevertheless, I'm still interested. What kind of program would I need to go into and edit PS3 and 360 ISOs? I can get both of the ISO files, so that's not an issue.

    And once my editing has been done, I would have to recompile the ISO back up, right?
    And from there, it's a matter of playing it via backup loader? Is that correct? And I already know that I have to use a 3.55 PS3 for that.

    A bit of guidance would be greatly appreciated here. Thank you in advance!
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    I noticed this after I tapped the following out but looking around some people were saying the game disc houses the English audio. It might not be selectable in game but it changes everything if so (it spares you the effort of having to convert the audio and almost nobody ports audio across console systems (should someone do it and it was not a simple format first round is usually on the fellow hackers).

    360 audio is hardware enhanced on many occasions (that is to say the format is built for the hardware) but we can decode that and as long as you do not need to fiddle with module/tracker/midi style music. XMA is the standard format here, there are minor

    360 iso extraction is easy enough.

    The tool most use is called exiso (a GUI called ExIso GUI also exists) if you do not fancy command line.
    There are a bunch of others though (not all are iso extraction tools on this link but you should be able to find a couple, do note it has all the versions mixed in so pick the later ones).
    If you are heading far into the 360 world you are going to want le fluffie as well-

    PS3 iso extraction is also easy enough.
    I like myself but if you find another then have a look.

    You need to then find the 360 audio, although I mentioned some is hardware specific it is far from unheard of to find custom formats (or even known ones- I pulled some midi out of an XBLA title not so long ago).

    XMA can be decoded by various tools although be prepared to do some searching and reading should you encounter some of the more exotic files.
    "ToWav Music Converter" is the tool most seek out for this job, alas I probably can not give a direct link (the sites I found it on have audio and other things). Encoding can be done but it usually falls to a leaked SDK tool so I can not do much with that.

    PS3 audio now I know more of since starting this reply (see the thing about the audio being on disc though)
    My first two ports of call when starting people off in the game format hacking world are
    They are not brilliant for teaching or problem solving but if I only linked two things it would be those.

    Some of the PS3 formats are apparently supported by VGMstream but I am not aware of any encoders. By the looks of things though it might not be too hard to beat some of the PS3 stuff into working order. By the looks of things the PS3 is a bit of a mini PC (all about the custom formats) which is where I will have to bow out lest I grab an iso to have a look at.

    After you rebuild the iso it is your standard play copied games routine.