Question about making wads that keep my original ticket

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Mikerochip, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. Mikerochip

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    Apr 19, 2003
    I have a quick question :

    I was wondering how to make a wad, or alternativly install somehow, my games that I bought?

    I mean, I have acquired the wads otherwise, so I'm not stuck,
    but I would like to know how, if I format my wii (properly)
    or delete my ticket or do something stupid (which I'm well capable of doing [​IMG])

    How do I do this? I would like the option.
    I assume I can just use something like the wiiftp and copy the files into the (relevant) system area?

    Does waninkoko's wad maker do this?

    or, can I use WADMaker and use my own ticket?

    Its easy to dump the wad's with the trucha signing.

    And yeah, I have a dump of my Nand, if it helps! [​IMG]