Question about AKAIO installation.

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by stilldaggerx, Apr 7, 2009.

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    For a fresh AK2i, the only thing I need to do are the steps found in the wiki, right? I just want to make sure since I heard that if I do something wrong, I may brick DSi functionality.

    ÂÂ 1.ÂÂFormat the microSD with the Panasonic formatter.
    ÂÂ 2. Download the current version of AKAIO
    ÂÂ 3. Follow in install guide below: Put the _aio folder and akmenu4.nds in the ROOT of your microSD card
    ÂÂ 4. Insert the microSD card firmly in a non-spring loaded (new shell) ak2.1 and ak2i. If your MSD slot is spring loaded make sure it "clicks."
    ÂÂ 5. Insert the Acekard firmly into your NDS, again make sure it clicks.
    ÂÂ 6. Boot up the NDS, select the Acekard from the firmware Slot-1 selection box, and enjoy
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    some features like the ak2 official loader option in akaio can brick the ak2i and the ability to work on the dsi. these features have been disabled since akaio 1.3.

    -another world