Question About ACNL Save Data

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    Mar 25, 2016
    I've never needed to change SD cards until now, I'm still at the time of writing this, using the 2GB SD card that comes with the system.

    But, my friends got me into ACNL. I have the eShop downloadable version of ACNL, not a physical copy so I'm pretty sure I can't use the Save Data Transfer Tool. This filled up almost every little bit of space I had on my SD card, I can't download anything else.

    I'm considering just buying a 32GB SD card now and then moving all of my data from my current card onto it. Is there anything I need to know before doing so? I read somewhere that ACNL save data isn't like others and I don't want to end up corrupting or losing all the progress I've made in my town. It's just copying the files onto my computer and then onto another SD card, correct?
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    All you need to do is move ALL of the files from your 2 GB SD card to your 32 GB SD card. But first, make sure your 32 GB SD card is formatted to FAT32 if it is not already. Just be sure to not mess with any of the files in the Nintendo 3DS folder.
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