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Mar 29, 2011

QR codes? by demosthenes2k8 at 12:43 AM (978 Views / 0 Likes) 2 replies

  1. demosthenes2k8

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    Sorry if this has been beaten to death already, but I've been having trouble finding any info out about QR code usage. I don't have a 3ds yet, but I've seen a little info online about QR codes being used for Miis. I was wondering, does the 3DS recognize them for anything else? Even a basic reader?
  2. Slyakin

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    The QR code functionality of the 3DS is limited to scanning and importing Miis, as well as exporting.

    Scanning a QR Code will give you that Mii.

    Exporting a Mii as a QR code will save an image of that QR code on your SD, where you can then export THAT to your computer as a JPEG (I think. I know it's not an .mpo)
  3. Donald Serrot

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    Yup, in the Mii Maker you get three options in the "QR Code/Image Options" tab.
    • Scan QR Code
    • Save Mii as QR Code
    • Save Mii as Image

    The scan works really well. It puts a box on the screen that you have to put the code image into and it picks it up with almost no problem.
    The save QR code option should really speak for itself. It does (as Slyakin said) save it as a JPEG image that can be saved to the computer, uploaded online, and shared easily. It saves the code, and the name of the Mii under the code.
    The Mii Image option has two options of it's own, Face and Entire Mii. It also saves these as a JPEG.

    Over all I have to say the QR codes are an amazing way for Nintendo to let 3DS owners share Miis. I even nabbed the Official Reggie Mii Nintendo released a code for a while back.

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