Psychonauts 2 delayed into next year

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    Announced in 2015, crowdfunded in 2016, and scheduled for release in 2019 was the sequel to Double Fine's cult-classic, Psychonauts. When studio Double Fine revealed its acquisition by Microsoft at E3 2019, the company was excited about future prospects over no longer being an independent studio, and releasing Psychonauts 2 this year, showing a bit of gameplay during Microsoft's press conference. That will no longer be the case, however, as the game has been officially delayed into next year.

    For those that felt concerned as to whether Psychonauts 2 would be an Xbox exclusive due to the buyout, Double Fine stressed that the game would still be coming to all previously promised platforms, including PlayStation 4 and PC. Psychonauts 2 was initially set for release in 2018, but this marks a second delay, pushing it into a vague 2020 launch window.

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    Looking forward to this one (who isn't), but I can handle the delay. 2020 gonna be crazy for game releases.
  2. Veho

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    Independent Double Fine has a history of delays, doesn't it? It seems that it's dangerous to leave Tim Schafer alone with too much money and too much time on his hands.
    I remember he once said the meat circus level in the original Psychonauts was supposed to be two levels but had to be combined into one due to time and budget constraints? The results was the best level in the game. On the other hand, when he's not pressed by external deadlines and budget, he tends to fly off the rails.
  3. b17bomber

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    Bobby Kotick is proven right yet again.
  4. Reploid

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    Damn. Why they always postpone hto ones?
  5. fixemails

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    Looking forward how it works then let you know soon guy's through our comments.
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    For whatever reason I have not seen much of anything about Psychonauts 2 -- I played the original on the original xbox and it was a delightful little game. Rather of its time when it came to mechanics but the universe it created was great. Don't plan on knowing much more about it until some people say "it is not bad" (following the previous crowdfunded effort they don't have my "sight unseen" trust) and it is front of me.
  7. Bladexdsl

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    is there a universe where this game is NOT delayed? :creep:
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  8. Ganglebot

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    Jul 9, 2019
    I'm not super surprised - crowd sourced development makes these things tend to happen.

    The question is why - are the behind schedule or is it not meeting quality exceptions.
  9. FAST6191

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    Is it an either-or type question? Some dodgy code choices causing delays and making debugging harder than it ought to be is a good bet if their previous efforts are anything to go by.
  10. Pipistrele

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    Jan 21, 2019
    It's not bad!
  11. Viri

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    Watch them run out of money again.
  12. Cyan

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    ohh, I thought the game was already released. wasn't it supposed to be a VR only game?
    now doing some research, the VR game was probably just a spinoff before the second game.
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  13. jeffyTheHomebrewer

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    y no switch versin

    (Also, "I AM THE MILKMAN. MY MILK IS DELICIOUS." needs to be in the game.)
  14. ecesar

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    Just remember, the original Psychonauts from 14 years ago is playable via backwards compatibility on XBO. And was re-released for PS4 (Sony wants you to pay again).

    It is US$ 9.99 in both platforms, but the PS4 version is US$ 2.49 for a limited time (7/09 to 7/23).
  15. StrayGuitarist

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    Mar 28, 2019
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    It's probably been quoted a million times in this thread alone, but you can't forget Shigeru Miyamoto's famous quote, "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad."