PSX backups on freemcboot

Discussion in 'Sony PlayStation 1 & 2' started by jargus, Mar 20, 2011.

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    I've searching for a way to load psx backups through a softmodded fat ps2. All I've found is cogswap via independence exploit. I don't need independence since I already have fmcb and can't find a dwonload for cogswap anywhere. Is there another method to load psx backups? I havent been able to find one
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    I'm not sure under which license cogswap was released, so i can't upload it for you. But when i tried it, it didn't work for me. What worked for me is the simple swap trick that only works on V9/10 ps2s:
    - Insert original ps1 disc with high TOC(=larger .iso size than the backup)
    - Launch uLaunchELF
    - Make it stop the motor
    - Swap the discs(=change without the ps2 noticing the change)
    - Select boot disc in uLaunchELF

    On my V9 it works, on my V3 and V7 it froze on the psx logo

    I guess the cogswap method also requires an original ps1 disc with high TOC and the same ps2 model, but i can't say for sure.
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