PSV 1001 button problem. Please help!

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    Sep 22, 2007
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    Purchased a 2nd hand psvita 1001 from a pawn shop for a benjamin.
    Had a bad right analog so i ordered a replacement taken off a broken vita 1000.
    Soon as I replaced it. It started acting up!
    First power and the home button no longer worked.
    So i lived with having to hold power for 10 seconds to go to safe mode and restarting the system to switch apps.
    now when I start a game the buttons do not work at all!
    Some are saying bad sister boards, or bad shoulder or power buttons. but I need some more solid facts here.
    So I turn to you, the hackers and modders who know the inner workings of the vita better than I for a actual solution. And by the way i foolishly updated it to 3.60, I know that was stupid but i wanted to snag persona 4 golden for cheap. So can any of you offer some helpful clues and/or advice to fixing this problem?