PSP Remaster Corrupted Data

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    So, I tried googling this, but it didn't come up with any good results, so here I go.

    A while ago I put a bunch of PSP games on my PS3 in the form of minis. Then, once I actually started playing them, I realized that minis graphics suck, so I decided to make the first game I was playing (Crisis Core) into a Remaster. It worked perfectly, no problems. Now, however, I'm done with Crisis Core, and wanted to move onto Dissidia. I know its sequel doesn't work, according to the PSHomebrew wiki, but it says the original should. But whenever I try to install the game, it either says "An error has occurred" and ends up with corrupted data in the new game's position, or it finishes without a problem, yet still shows corrupted data in the new game's position.

    I have the latest Rebug, and I've tried multiple times using both PSPMinis and PSP2PS3. Anyone have any ideas what might be causing this?

    Edit: I should point out that I originally had Dissidia show up on my PS3 as a mini when I put them all on, but after deleting it so I could install the remaster version, it's been corrupted each time.